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Liaoning Study Abroad Service Co., Ltd (LSAS, for short), founded in 1996, affiliated to Liaoning (Education Department) Educational Service Center for International Exchange, is the first study abroad service institution approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education with the approval number J.W.Z.Z.R.Z. 2000 (88) and passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification.


LSAS has had over a decade of international education consulting experience, and facilitated hundreds of thousands of successful candidates to realize their dream of studying abroad.LSAS adhere to the business purposes of honesty and quality service, and gain the social widespread praise because of the numerous successful cases, perfect services and abundant experience.


LSAS has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many universities and educational institutions in more than 20 countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark, Korea and Singapore, and provided quality service to tens of thousands of families. In addition, LSAS is responsible for the Chinese-Foreign cooperative educational project between Liaoning secondary and higher educational schools and the universities of USA, Australia and UK; LSAS is also responsible for the cooperative educational project between Secondary specialized schools and vocational schools in Australia, Japan and Korea.


LSAS has become the flagship enterprise in the industry of study abroad consulting services in China with the strongest qualification and the most competitive power.



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